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GERMAN SHIP EIDER > Brought my Great Grandfather here to America !
Are we not All cousin's really !

My name is Clayton E. Betzing and welcome to my ever so humble home on the web. This page is for all those Betzing's out there that never see the name BETZING on the web, and I also hope it brings a few of my lost cousins back into the family,or at least gives them a page they too can claim as there own.

For any Betzing's interested I have my own German roots traced back to a village named Mertloch, very close to another village called Betzing. It is in the Rheinland-Pfalz area, which is known for its Wines, and for being near the Rhein, and Mosel rivers which have many very old Castles, and Legends. In the future I hope to have links listed here also to places in Germany, as well as Genealogy.

(NOTE:All listed below born in Mertloch, Germany unless otherwise noted). My Family tree: Antonious/Anton Betting-Betzing born 9/13/1695 his son was Mathias Betzing born 5/28/1740, his son was Petrus Gangolfus Betzing born 5/12/1784, and his son was Anton Betzing born 10/21/1815, and his son was Johann Josef Betzing born 11/22/1860,and he was my Great Grandfather that came to America, also 3 of his Brothers came to the U.S.A., but I have not yet found them, still looking.

Johann Josef Betzing married a Ellen L.Hunt from Canada, and they had 8 children, all born in Sanilac County, MI. Johann farmed 40 acres there until his death in 10/28/1925 AGE 65. His Son was Peter Betzing born 6/18/1897 my Grandfather, he lived in Imlay City Michigan, and died 9/22/1973. His son was Earl Clayton Betzing was born 4/22/1921 in Sanilac Co, and he was my father, he died on 10/26/1965 at age 44. Then there is me>Clayton E. Betzing born 8/1953 in Almont Michigan, Lapeer County, and my Son Jason R. Betzing born 9/1974 a member of the U.S.C.G., and his Sons Bryan Betzing born 7/1995, and Jakob Betzing born 1/1997 as well as daughter and our little princess Jodi born , well a girl likes to keep her age a secret don't you know, and being a good papa I respect her wishes. 3 of my favorite people in the whole world !!!!

the above link ^ takes you to the Tuscola County GenWeb Page where I volunteer, please pay a visit.


My Mother Agnes Johnson < the tallest one, and her cousins and brother and sister directly in front of her, my Aunt

Norma, and My Uncle Stub (Clifford E.Johnson)


Aunt Norma J. Johnson to left and my Mom Agnes P. Betzing on the right, late 1930's or early 40's in Flint, MI.


Agnes and Norma Johnson about 1932 to 34


My Mom Agnes and her Mother Ruth Irene(Ttius) Johnson and Mom's brother Joseph and sister Patrica Johnson.



FRONT ROW> Ruth Johnson/ Janet Johnson/ Margie Brown/ Norma Gross & Bev/ Pat Johnson

BACK ROW> Earl Betzing/ Mary Long/ Agnes Betzing/ John Gross & Connie / Clifford Johnson



front row l to r > Earl & Agnes (Johnson) Betzing/ Ruth (Titus)& Clifford Johnson/ Peter Betzing

back row l to r > Lillain(Betzing) & Bill Fischer/Mary (Betzing)Long/ Margie & Margaret (Betzing) & Jacob Brown all pictures are copyrighted to me C.E.BETZING AND MAY NOT BE USED BY ANYONE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

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