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Bonn, Germany
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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Watch for headaches from too much stress. Taking your lunch outside and getting a bit of sun would be an excellent use of your free time. Go out and treat yourself to something you've been craving lately, no matter how silly. Nothing relieves tension like a satisfied urge. Try not to share all of your resources or they won't be yours anymore. When it comes to parting with your hard-earned greenbacks, pinch them close to your heart.

My Son Trevor & me Clayton

Trevor's Team had a Championship Season in Michigan High School Football in 98 won 11 lost 1.

Congrats to all the fine young men for such a

winning effort ! Lets do it again in 99 !

  • Philadelphia 'House Of Horrors' Killer Executed
  • Sweltering Eastern U.S. Waits For Cold Front
  • Clinton Shows Path From Dilapidation To Development
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  • Indonesia To Send In 1,200 Extra Police To ETimor
  • Britain, Ireland Dismiss N.Irish Split Talk
  • N. Korea Building Missile Base Near China-Paper
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  • Philippines Volcano Bubbles But No Eruption Yet
  • Researchers Grow Blood 'Stem Cells' Outside Body
  • U.S. Awaits Data On Russian Rocket Failure
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  • Spurs' Coach Gets Multi-Year Deal
  • Red Wings Sign F Kirk Maltby To Four-Year Contract
  • Redskins Sign Veteran RB Larry Centers
  • [more news]
  • IBM To Exit Chip Venture With Toshiba
  • FCC Expected To Spell Out Disabled Access Rules
  • FCC OKs Telmex Takeover Of Sprint Joint Venture
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  • Bigstep.Com To Launch Free E-Commerce Service
  • AOL Signs Four-Year Pact With Drkoop.Com
  • Digital Island Gets BidCom Business, Stock Jumps
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  • Rabid bats twice as likely to bite humans
  • Ear plugs important for hearing protection
  • Malnutrition ups death risk in Alzheimer's patients
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  • Inside Daily Variety: July 7
  • Daily Variety's Front Page: July 6
  • Inside Daily Variety: July 6
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  • Daily Variety Box Office Chart: July 2-5
  • The top movies in North America -- July 2-5
  • Sobieski signs for ``Squelch''
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  • Worker Wins Compensation For Being Promoted
  • Separate Lives For Edward And Sophie
  • Stalin Faces Brezhnev In Governor's Race
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  • U.S. iron lung poet O'Brien dies at 49
  • UK tabloids score with ``Posh-Becks'' wedding pics
  • Composer of Spain's ``Aranjuez Concierto'' dead at 97
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